Mountain Sheep’s Next Generation ‘Slicer’ KingHunt Available Now

Mountain Sheep, the acclaimed Finnish developer of Minigore, Ice Rage, and Bike Baron, is proud to announce their new iOS game KingHunt, a redefining of the ‘slicing’ game, is available now in the App Store.

In a first for the genre, KingHunt features an engrossing, progressive campaign: you play the hero and must reclaim the lands of the Heart Isle as the Evil Kingmaker has claimed dominion over it. He has installed his henchmen kings throughout the once peaceful lands. As the hero, you’ll battle and slice your way through the Evil Kingmaker’s army and restore balance to the Heart Isle. KingHunt features infinite enemy slicing angles (another first!), twelve beautiful lands, an epic soundtrack, and of course the classic Mountain Sheep “HD block” art style.

“We felt it was time to introduce some new ideas into a genre that is largely known for only one game,” said Mountain Sheep COO Teppo Soininen. “We’ve injected a sense of depth and fantastic locales, with complex lighting models and a ton of particles and polygons on screen. KingHunt is a natural evolution.”

KingHunt is available now in the App Store.

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