Mucho Party, A Whimsical Local Multiplayer Party Game, To Launch on iOS on June 19th

In Mucho Party, a party game full of whimsical mini-games and experiences, players will be brought into a lively colorful world that will provide an ideal stomping ground for battles, duels, and friendly competition. Designed with a skill equalizer that will put all players on a level playing field, Mucho Party is a game that can be enjoyed with friends and families of all ages and skill sets.

Featuring thirty mini-games and a vibrant art style, Mucho Party is designed to provide an all- encompassing experience that will allow players to be fully submersed in gameplay while engaging in the local multiplayer aspect to the fullest.

Players will first enter the Mucho Party world by being tasked with creating an avatar for their player. They can choose from a variety of silly shapes that complete their facial avatar and make them feel like an integrated part of the game. Before officially entering the thirty mini-games, players will then take a skill equalizer test to ensure that each player’s unique skill sets are assessed and that the game is a fair and fun competition for all. This skill equalizer test prevents advanced gamers from simply beating out novices every time by providing the advanced player with a greater challenge in each game.

Mucho Party allows for up to eight players, and also includes the ability for individual gameplay with computer-controlled players for those who want to party alone or in a smaller group. Additionally, players will have a choice of how they want to experience the wonder-inspiring mini- games ranging from Mosaic, Random, Duel, Tic-Tac-Toe, Hotseat and League modes.
Mosaic: Choose from a grid of all games. Random: Leave the game choice up to chance.
Duel: Battle to be the first player to win five games. Losing player gets first pick of which game to play next.
Tic-tac-toe: Compete in mini-games earn a tic-tac-toe square. Form a line of three squares with your color to win.
Hotseat: Players rotate ensuring no one player is stuck on the sidelines.
League: Up to eight players compete in a large-scale tournament vying for a chance to bring home the championship.

The sheer quantity and excitement of the games and game mode options, in conjunction with the skill equalizer test, ensures that each session will be a fresh, exciting, interactive experience, which will differ depending on which games are played and modes are explored.

The thirty Mucho Party mini-games span a wide range of categories and whimsical experiences in which players can expect a myriad adventures that will test their concentration, reaction times, and puzzle-solving skills. Players might be tested in a plethora of wacky situations in which they could need to shoot meteorites, dance the tango, hammer nails, catch bombs, go fishing, be saved by a monkey, or work in a pretzel factory to bring home the victory.

For example, in Hamster Rodeo, players will have to press the appropriate color in order to catch up to their opponent’s hamster racing around the wheel. Reaction time is essential as adrenaline runs high in this brain-twisting game of tag. In Tower Crusher, another vibrant Mucho Party mini- game, players will be tasked with throwing bombs at their opponent’s towers. There are four towers they must destroy by strategically aiming and deploying bombs. The player to first destroy their opponent’s tower wins this mini-game.

Mucho party also includes thirty original songs created by game developer and musician Whitaker Trebella to accompany the thirty unique mini-games. Inspired by the theme of each game and designed to enhance the overall experience, Trebella’s music provides an intricate and eclectic soundtrack that helps players delve deeper into the Mucho Party world and experience each game in its richest form. The original tunes nicely complement the fantastical, vibrant, lively art style that will make players feel like a child again, all while deeply immersed in competitive gameplay.

Mucho Party will be available for purchase beginning Thursday, June 5th for $3.99 on the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone. Mucho Party will be available in eleven languages including: English, French, German, Italian, International Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Russian,
Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese.

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