Naked Sky Entertainment releases MAX AXE worldwide

Naked Sky Entertainment releases MAX AXE worldwide.Independent developer Naked Sky Entertainment has unleashed their first original mobile title ‘Max Axe’, featured as a Best New Game by Apple, globally on to the App Store.

‘Max Axe’ brings players into the magical world of Loot Forest where an innovative drawing mechanic allows for full control of the magical axes our barbarian hero Max uses in dispatching foes and acquiring riches. Pulse pounding action, unique humor and “just one more run” addictive gameplay all combine to create a special mobile experience. Featuring stunning 3D graphics and an original score ‘Max Axe’ raises the bar creatively.

“We wanted to make a game that was uniquely suited to the touch screen experience, that took advantage of all the capabilities the increasingly powerful tablets and phones of today have.” explains software engineer and noted taco enthusiast Justin Molinari, “A game that had a challenging skill based experience but also kept a smile on your face.”

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