Neon Hack, a Game Inspired by the Android Pattern Lock, Launches on Android

Indie game studio Epic Pixel, the creators of RPG Clicker, is proud to announce the worldwide release of Neon Hack for Android devices. Neon Hack is a novel logic puzzle inspired by the Android pattern lock system.

“One day, I was trying to unlock my phone by drawing my pattern, but it wasn’t working. That’s when I realized I had grabbed my brother’s phone,” said Chris Sha co-founder of Epic Pixel. “As a challenge, I was trying to crack the pattern lock on my brother’s phone and thought this would be a great game!”

In Neon Hack, players get to play the role of a hacker trying to crack various pattern locks. Levels varies in sizes from a small and simple 2×2 grid all the way to a complicated 6×6 grid. The game will launch with over 250 handcrafted levels with more to come.

The goal is to swipe the correct path to match the given lock pattern in each level to pop the lock. But complexity is added by allowing a dot in the pattern lock grid to be visited multiple times, which creates patterns that are not easy to copy. Neon Hack challenges the brain to visualize the correct path to draw. The game have been likened to a mental workout that requires strategic planning and spatial reasoning.

Can you crack your phone’s pattern lock?