Newton Race – Race against time and physics

Newton Race has all the qualities needed to escape the realities of life for a time and completely lose oneself in a world of dream vehicles, adventurous roads, picturesque scenery, and seemingly impenetrable obstacles. Each aspect of this captivating game draws the player deep into it’s heart, creating a passion to want to conqueror anything in his path.

Newton Race – The Car Racing Game lets the player choose a car or truck of their dreams to race with, such as a Monster Truck. One then gets to race against time and physics to collect as many coins as possible while demolishing any obstacles that may lie in one’s path. With already three exciting chapter adventures to explore, the player completes each level as fast as they can, but they mustn’t forget to get the gold coins. At the end of each level, the coins are used to make the player’s car even more awesome. Upgrade the engine power, handling, top speed, suspension, and tire traction. The more coins one has, the more improvements to the vehicle can be made.

Simple enough not to discourage but challenging enough to intrigue, addictive and fantastic. If Isaac Newton had had a smartphone, he would’ve played Newton Race. All the features of Newton Race meld together, making it an ace in the hole to distract and inspire for hours. Impossible to not have fun while playing, let yourself relish each moment of time wasting, instead of being frustrated annoyed. Newton Race is the answer to maintaining an upbeat, energetic, and motivated attitude throughout the trails of the day.

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