Ninja Raft: Fight like a Ninja on Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ninja Raft for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has launched exclusively on the App Store just in time for International Talk Like A Pirate Day and has earned a Best New Games feature. Can Ninjas defeat Pirates? Find out in this unique tower-defense / dungeon maker designed specifically for mobile play.

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Build your own Ninja Raft and take to the seas, where countless pirates wait to plunder the Emperor’s gold. Create your own battle-raft and command your loyal ninja against the pirate hordes.

Ninja Raft approaches strategy from a unique perspective, providing a sandbox environment that encourages creative strategic play. The game’s interface is simple enough that you can play it with just your thumb, without compromising on strategic depth or challenge. The end result: a strategy game that is easy to pick up and challenging to master.

“We tried to create a game with a unique look, feel and play style that gives the player a continual experience in handy bite-size pieces.” said Don Kirkland, GeekBrain Games’ founder.

The game supports iOS 8, with full Game Center integration including two leaderboards and 50 achievements. Ninja Raft revolutionises strategy gameplay with a simple-to-use interface designed especially for the iPhone and iPad.

Developed by Brisbane-based GeekBrain Games and published by Right Pedal Studios, Ninja Raft allows the player to construct their own battle-raft (with over a million possible variations) and pit it against 40 levels of swashbuckling fun. With the choice of two difficulty settings, both the casual and the serious player (aged 10 – Adult) will find Ninja Raft a fun and engaging challenge.


Completely Unique Gameplay

A unique gameplay experience that revolutionises tower defense and real-time strategy. Exclusively made for mobile play without compromising on gameplay depth.

Over One Million Raft Combinations

Connect up to 50 raft piece to make and modify your battle-rafts into over a million different possible combinations.

40 Replayable Sections

A blend of hand-crafted and adaptive content generation creates a unique experience even when re-played.

6 Different Enemy Types

Protect your raft against pirates, mines, torpedoes and more – each requiring a different strategy.

2 Difficulty Settings

Good for casual or serious play (age 10 – adult)

Original Music

Featuring 2 unique tracks from award winning composer David Orr

Full Game Centre Integration

50 great Achievements, 2 Leaderboards & Challenge a Friend via Game Centre

Gameplay Trailer:


Action/Strategy Tower Defence

Release date:

17th September 2014


Geek Brain Games


Right Pedal Studios


USD $0.99 (Launch Price Special)

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