No.1 Arcade Tomato-Slinger, TOTAL TOMATO STRIKE

Total Tomato Strike is now available worldwide on the Google Play Store, marking E-Link Entertainment’s fifth mobile game release this year.

E-Link Entertainment, a specialty mobile games publisher and developer, has launched Total Tomato Strike, the #1 arcade tomato-slinging tower-defense game featuring Tomato and his Veggie Army. Available now on the Google Play Store globally, players can begin farming their way to a total tomato strike.

Mark Newington, COO of E-Link Entertainment, is thrilled to bring hopefully the first of many Tomatoes, “Total Tomato Strike is a fantastic pick up and play game where you sling different powered veggies at the oncoming enemy, easy to play yet surprisingly deep. It’s the perfect balance for E-Link’s fifth mobile game release, and the first of, hopefully, many Total Tomato games.”

Total Tomato Strike is a tower-defense game, where enemy dinos march towards the player as the player slings tomatoes and other special-powered veggies to stop them. The game is incredibly deep, with dozens of different veggies that can be leveled up with different powers. Players can also invite other friends and gift each other energy to continue the fight across the hundreds of levels.

Slingshot your legion of Tomatoes at the Big Bad Dinos before they break through! Grow your Special Veggie Friends for unique attacks. Farm your perfect army for the ultimate Dino defense. Be sure to support your friends. Fight fearsome Dino Bosses as you explore a wide array of Dino lands.

★ Use your Veggie arsenal and Sling Shot the enemy Dinos with accuracy
★ Grow and attack with different Veggies to cause massive damage
★ Farm and harvest your army, upgrade your defenses
★ Send your friends heart to help them out!
★ Face fearsome bosses including Big Dino Tanks!