A Normal Lost Phone, a unique narrative mystery game (Video)

Independent developer Accidental Queens announced today that A Normal Lost Phone, a unique narrative mystery game exploring themes of sexuality, identity and growing up, is available now on iOS, Android and Steam (PC, Mac and Linux).

Originally prototyped during Global Game Jam 2016, A Normal Lost Phone is a unique story experience centered around the discovery of the titular lost phone, with players invited to figure out what happened to its original owner, Sam. Searching through apps and texts in A Normal Lost Phone, players can uncover crucial pieces of information scattered among photo galleries and social networks, solving puzzles along the way, with their investigation allowing them to uncover the mystery surrounding Sam.

The original Global Game Jam 2016 prototype of A Normal Lost Phone was well received, showcased at events such as A Maze and Big Indie Pitch in Berlin, and winning the “Best Indie Game” award at Game Connection Europe 2016. The game also garnered an honorable mention in the Excellence in Narrative category at the Independent Game Festival 2017 taking place during GDC.

The full version of A Normal Lost Phone features new puzzles, new apps, in-depth narrative content, localized versions and a visual upgrade amongst other things. The full release of the game will be priced at $2.99.

The soundtrack for A Normal Lost Phone features 12 original tracks, each composed by a different independent artist. The soundtrack is now available and be acquired on a “pay what you want” scheme.