isTom Games proudly announces that Nyan Cat: Lost In Space’s newest update is now available on the App Store. Version 7.0 features dozens of newly added features, gameplay expansions, graphical improvements, and enhancements of the user interface, which makes the game more addictive and enjoyable than ever. With the continuous support, isTom Games tries to prove that user satisfaction is one of the utmost importance in the studio’s life.

Update 7.0 features:

New theme:
– ’80s neonpunk sci-fi setting for retro computer enthusiasts

Gameplay expansions:
– Comeback reward every day for all faithful Nyan-gamer
– Golden Donut: a flying golden donut (it really is!), which gives you a special something upon catch
– Big Nyan powerup: grow big and shake the world after Nyan Cat transforms into a large four-legged
– Pianyano powerup: play your favourite tunes and raise your combo score when every platform transforms into a piano
– Flower Fever powerup: plant colorful flowers and raise your combo score with each step after picking up the flower of flowers
– Disco Tour powerup: this party item brings back memories from famous Saturday nights
– Headstart boost: activate headstart to go right into the action and begin the play with 10.000 points instead of zero (cool handicap, huh?)
– Game Day is now playable in all Game Modes

Graphical improvements:
– Particles everywhere: eat something, meet with the Golden Donut, make an explosion, pick up the Bubble powerup, or fall from great heights and you’ll see cool particles everywhere
– Shield boost appears on the head up display: now you can see the activated shield boost ingame
– Nyan Love, Supernyan, Rocketnyan and Magnets are visually more enthralling
– Nyan deaths & fallings are visually more dramatic
– UFO attacks are visually more scary
– Sicknyan powerup is visually more psychedelic
– Nyan trail changes it’s color depending on the activated power up & diamonds
– And much more

User interface enhancements:
– Free coin options are now displayed on the Main Menu too
– Game Center access from the Game Over screen
– Floating texts are more visible during gameplay


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