Officially Licensed PDP Skins for Nintendo Switch Safe for Use with Console

Performance Designed Products (PDP), the #1 third party accessory manufacturer in North America, reaffirmed that their officially licensed Nintendo® Switch Zelda™ Collector’s Edition Screen Protection & Skins are safe to use with the Nintendo Switch and have been thoroughly tested by Nintendo. PDP recently issued this statement:

As an officially licensed partner, PDP’s Switch skins have been rigorously tested and approved by Nintendo. Using unlicensed and untested products on the Nintendo Switch is not recommended and poses a risk to the console.

Both Nintendo and PDP took great care to find the right combination of materials and adhesives that worked to protect the integrity of the Switch system. Consumers should have confidence that our skins feature the quality and performance expected from an officially licensed product.

The Zelda Collector’s Edition Screen Protection & Skins became available for purchase on March 3, 2017 for an MSRP of $19.99. Additional officially licensed Nintendo Switch items, including the skins, are available online at Amazon and at retail at GameStop and Best Buy.