Oxygene Media presents Fit Music for Wii U

Oxygene Media, leader in the creation and development of interactive entertainment and video games focused on the health of body and mind is very proud to announce its lineup for Wii U market. The first title, “Fit Music for Wii U” will come to market before the Q4 2013. This project represents a new gaming experience, completely designed, and developed to support at best all the features of Nintendo Wii U. The game introduces a very attractive HD graphics on TV screen, that will bring you to be in touch with the personal trainer than ever in a fitness game. A great feature is new the user interface, which is designed to be used on GamePad and also allows the user to be able to adopt a completely new approach and engaging, both for managing the entire game and especially for the innovative method of interaction and navigation through the various menus. For example, during Training mode or Fit Dance mode on the GamePad is it possible to check the elapse of the time

Fit Music for Wii U introduces new dynamic of fitness related to music, in which the user can perform a complete workout dedicated to obtaining an optimal wellness physical and psychophysical. The advantages and objectives ranging from the possibility of improving the coordination of movements, to optimizing balance body, leaving room for new possibilities of speeding up metabolism and detoxification of the body. The game will allow both beginners and experienced players, have fun practicing together, with difficulty levels proposed according to their personal data at the beginning of the game.

The program of activities not only introduces a new gameplay, but completely redefines every activities compared to the standard of this genre of games. With the ability to work with all the muscles together, many experiences are possible, all dedicated to obtaining a complete toning, with dynamic exercises to be performed to the rhythm of music. Each session proposes in a convincing way all the typical phases of the world of fitness, with warm-up exercises, an extensive training phase and finally relaxing. Fit Music for Wii U is based on the musical concept of the BPM (beats per minute), which defines the level of difficulty of each workout, without the use of weights or any other instrument exerciser. Some games are based solely on the concept of pure fitness, others only on music, but in this case the gaming experience blends together these two elements, allowing people to really get a good fit while having fun. All this through targeted activities, safe and fully calibrated according to the style of life and the condition of well-being of the user.

The training programs have been designed by the European Champion of Fitness Patrizia Salviato, an industry professional. She is also the personal trainer in the game and will oversee the activities of the user in every phase of his training. From the beginning the user is followed in a guided tutorial for the creation of the profile through the insertion of some information that will determine the current physical condition and the individual goals. Fit Music for Wii U also includes a recreational activity devoted to nutrition, made with the advice of Prof. Antonio Giordano of the Human Health Foundation and the known organization S.H.R.O. (Sbarro Health Research Organization) of Philadelphia. The entire game was supervised by specialists in health and fitness, has also been developed by Reward Studios. The gaming experience is therefore not a simple porting, but a complete product that has been extensively reworked and improved to provide the ultimate in fun and engagement through an immediate style, supported by a big number of training options and a wide range of physical exercises that will not fail to produce tangible results. Everyone will be carried away by the rhythm of the music in the comfort of their own home, thanks to an engaging soundtrack, which will let the user to obtain fun. Fit Music for Wii U will arrive for the end of 2013 and will also be available on Nintendo eShop.

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