Painful Ball game can be downloaded from the Google Play store for free.

The catalog of applications for the Android operating system has a variety of maze style games which consist of tilting the device to roll a metal ball and drive it out of a maze dodging a certain number of obstacles. It is a style of game simple but very entertaining.

What if the metal ball comes to life?

This is the innovative experience that suggests the recently released Painful Ball game, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store for free.
The game begins with a metal ball inside a realistic and enjoyable maze which is constructed of wood and cork. As expected, when you tilt the mobile device a metal ball starts moving. The game is characterized by a great sense of reality that the player can experience when tilting the device and making the ball moves through the maze. By the time all would be as was expected until the metal ball comes to life.

From that moment the game experience changes abruptly. It is no longer enough dodge the obstacles that you have to face during the travel, now you also have to prevent that the ball begins to complain and she grabs her head with her little arms when she hits against the walls of the maze or falls in any of the holes.

Besides of listening to the ball’s complaints, you can collect coins and convert the metal ball in a golden ball, this will make the ball begins singing every time she hits against the walls.

In short, Painful Ball is a rather simple game, with nice graphics, which can be very entertaining and funny turn.