Pandora’s Books is set to hit the App Store in August 2016 and Android later in the year (Video)

Pandora’s Books
Unscramble words and defeat monsters to help Pandora save the worlds of classic books! Monsters are invading the worlds of classic books! The Chaos Wizard has mixed up words from the pages of “War of the Worlds”, “Wuthering Heights” and other great stories. He and his monsters now threaten the lands of these story book worlds. Luckily Pandora’s magical library is at hand with clues to help you unscramble the words to banish the monsters and save the cities. Be careful! The Chaos Wizard keeps making copies of himself and more monsters to join the fray!


In 2015 Smithsoft started working on a game about monsters and typing words fast, which we called “Word Monsters!”, only to much later discover that some little games company called Rovio already had a game with that name. It was lucky for us because Pandora’s Books is a different and much better game than we would have made with the original title. We also rebuilt Smithsoft with some great new talent in 2016 and our new team brings a wonderful new magic to this game. We hope you love playing it!

◾Discover & explore magical words, characters and places from these books.
◾Each level monsters are defeated you earn clues to help solve strange new words.
◾Ships with “War of the Worlds” unlocked, more books arriving for unlocking all the time!
◾Original sound track follows the action as you recover Pandora’s library books.
◾Each book features full-color levels scene depicting the flow of the book.
◾Collect unscrambled words to reveal quotes from the book. Collect all the quotes!
◾Art work in the game is extended with each new book you open.