Pet Zoometery Is Live On iOS Today, Care of G5 & Gogii Games

A one-of-a-kind zoo filled with zombie animals appeared on iPad today in a new free-to-play strategy, Pet Zoometery, care of G5 Entertainment and Gogii Games. The game is available as free app on the App Store now.

Get ready to build the strangest and most entertaining zoo of all time! With the help of a chatty rhinoceros, acquire the coolest Zoombies, construct surreal attractions and even design a lake to house aquatic Zoombies. Then get things up and running by hiring employees, establishing your Zoombie feeding rituals and earning Zomboleons for inviting visitors to your wacky wonderland. What’s Phase II? Take the crowd-pleasing to a zany new level by cross-breeding your Zoombies to produce even kookier species. Hybridize a porcupine and a panda, for example, and get an adorable … Porcupanda! Change your idea of “wildlife” forever in this unforgettable strategy and time management adventure.

Zomboleons and brains are your currency in the game. To earn money and special bonuses you have over 100 fun quests to complete. Among them is training your pets to perform tricks, building unreal estate like Coffin’s Beans farm, growing Dragon Fruit and interbreeding hippos with hummingbirds. And there’s so much more than that! Pet Zoometery is an addiction that will keep you enthralled for hours on end!

The game is developed by Gogii Games and published on iOS by G5 Entertainment.

Key Features:
● Buy, breed and feed over 100 funny and utterly irresistible Zoombies!
● Train your own Zoombie pet one trick at a time – watch him perform and even speak!
● Build a Brain Storage Chamber, Cup O’Lava Stand and dozens of other attractions!
● Experiment with endless combinations for the most inventive cross-breeding.
● Complete over 100 quests… with more coming in regular free updates!

Pet Zoometery is available for download to iPad today. The game is free with additional bonuses available via in-app purchase from within.

Game trailer:
Pet Zoometery for iPad

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