Pixelbite launches XenowerkTM for Android.

The Pixelbite studio launches Xenowerk™, a Top-down action shooter available on the Google Play Store and th Amazon Appstore.

Presenting a Top-down action shooter. Xenowerk™ challenges your combat skills in an underground lab, crawling with mutated creatures. A result of a science project gone horribly wrong. Being the last hope of clearing the grounds you’ve been sent out to defeat the mutant breed. Beware, with only the guidance of your flashlight, you’ll never know what’s luring in the dark.

Xenowerk™ features a massive load of heavy action in a beautifully rendered 3D world – a game you definitely don’t want to miss!

· Top-down action shooter
· Dual stick touch controls
· Beautifully rendered lightning and shadows
· Wide range of weapons and gear
· Upgradable weapons
· Special Powers to enhance your gameplay
· Performance based rating system
· Google play Achievements & Leaderboards
· Optional in-app credit packages to purchase

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