Playing God Has Never Been So Fun: The Sandbox is Available Now on OUYA

Get ready for deus ex machina (in the most literal sense of the words): The Sandbox, the hit world-building game from Pixowl, Inc., is available now on OUYA for free with in-app purchases. In The Sandbox, players are given free rein over an entire pixelated world. It would take an act of god to bring order to these wild virtual landscapes, and fortunately, players are empowered to do just that. With godlike powers of creation and destruction and dominion over more than 150 different dynamic elements, vengeful and benevolent deities alike are encouraged to indulge their god complex in this dynamic, inventive title.

You can see The Sandbox in action with the new OUYA trailer here:

In The Sandbox, players step into the shoes of an apprentice god who has been given his or her own world for the first time. Take divine intervention to the next level and leave your mark on the landscape: combine simple elements to make more complex ones, then combine those complex elements to construct whole societies with living things, intricate machinery, art and music. Players can take charge of hundreds of pre-built campaign levels, from the rise of man to the apocalyptic end of human existence, or jump into free-play mode to play with physics at will.

Originally launched in May 2012 for iOS and Android, The Sandbox has been downloaded and enjoyed 10 million times on mobile. The game’s OUYA debut marks the first time The Sandbox will be playable on the big screen from the comfort of your couch.

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