Post-Apocalyptic Cyberpunk Brawler ‘Wasteland Bar Fight’ Now Available Worldwide On Android

Independent games developer and publisher Kybernesis is proud to announce the release and availability of Wasteland Bar Fight, now available for download worldwide on the Google Play™ digital app store.

Check out this cool new trailer:

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where danger lurks behind every corner, you casually enter a bar for some quiet relaxation when a grumpy ganger spills your drink, triggering an all-out barroom brawl! Wasteland Bar Fight is packed full of mutants, cyborgs and other bad guys getting a rush out of trying to kick your butt, and it is critical that you defend yourself by knocking out your enemies. Can you survive against the endless hordes of hairy bad guys coming your way? Unleash your rage with devastating attacks, and multiply your score by executing superior and amazing combos. Achievements can be unlocked making the trashing even cooler. Beat up waves of creeps, bullies, thugs, Mini-bosses and level-up to prepare yourself for the dangerous and superior Mega-bosses. With its action-packed fun and addictive gameplay, Android™ gamers are encouraged to check out this great game immediately!

A version of Wasteland Bar Fight is currently in development for iOS® and Windows Phone™ scheduled for release later this year.

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