Pre-Order Kôna: Day One and Receive Beta Access from January 29 (Video)

Parabole has opened pre-orders for Kôna: Day One, the first act of its eerie interactive tale set in the 1970s Canadian north. When private detective Carl Faubert arrives in a small town to investigate strange cases of vandalism, he finds the area is unusually quiet―except for a devastating blizzard. Where is his client? What could possibly have happened?

Players who pre-order Kôna: Day One will receive a 30% discount as well as access to the Beta beginning January 29. In the Beta, players will begin investigating the town’s secrets, explore a portion of the snowy environment using Carl’s pickup truck, and even encounter hostile wildlife.

Pre-order Kôna: Day One at

When the game is released, players who placed their pre-orders will receive both a DRM-free copy and a Steam key for use on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

All four Kôna acts will be purchasable individually and playable in any order. For more information, go to Parabole’s latest post on the Kôna blog.

Kôna: Day One is set to launch in Q1 2016.