Protect the environment along with your Swiss bank account in the brand new Tropico 5 DLC

It’s an endless struggle trying to please the people of Tropico – and this time El Presidente needs to go green in order to get out of trouble. Of course, this is all to protect the funds of his Swiss bank account; which are obtained through the simple method of exporting ludicrously large amounts of crude oil to competing superpowers. In ‘Gone Green’, the new DLC for Tropico 5, help El Prez promote a better image of the island by building 100% eco-friendly windfarms as a cheap and renewable source of energy and turn Tropico into a positive showcase of modern sustainability. ‘Gone Green’ is out today to download for PC, Mac & SteamOS via Steam and adds a brand new green-themed scenario as well as a new building, avatar accessory, sandbox map and music track. So don your hippie haircut and help El Presidente do his bit to appease the eco-crowd by utilizing the new windfarm building. Create a clean energy powered haven on the new sandbox island of Isabella and protect that all important retirement fund with the ‘Gone Green’ DLC.

The ‘Gone Green’ DLC for Tropico 5 is out today for PC, Mac & SteamOS via Steam for £2.49/€2.99/$3.99.

Included in the ‘Gone Green’ DLC
•New standalone scenario: “Catch the Toucan!“ – Early bird catches the windmill rotor
•New building: The Windfarm – A clean, renewable source of energy
•New dynasty avatar accessory: Blend in with the eco-crowd with your new hippie haircut
•New sandbox map: Isabella
•New music track and additional voice recordings
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