Microids Games for All has announced the release of a funny strategy game, “God VS Humans”, for iPad/iPhone and Android.

In “God VS Humans” humans build a ten-story tower up to the world of the Gods. You embody one of the twenty Gods or Goddesses (four of them are hidden) to foil their bold attempt and stop them from getting into your world. Using different powers, you have to destroy the storeys until the foundations give way. But it’s no easy job. Builders work tirelessly to repair the damage while continuing to erect the tower. You must also avoid injuring people. Paradoxically, to be able to use their powers against humans the Gods must be worshipped by them.

There are four game modes that enable you to vary the gameplay. Use the tutorial to learn the basics of the title and get the most out of it. Once you have advanced through the “adventure” mode, you can access the modes “free” (where you choose a God and the easy, normal or difficult level) and “challenge” (which involves certain constraints). The “adventure” mode comprises seventy-six missions that allow you to consecutively take the part of all twenty Gods and the different goals they must attain.

The “God VS Humans” interface is split into three distinct parts. The tower layout (on the right of the screen) indicates building progress and the different types of storeys built. Whether it is a foundry, a warehouse, a temple, or a consolidated storey, each has a specific role that gives humans certain advantages.

The power gauge (left of screen) shows the different actions you can take. Depending on the level it shows, you can use – with varying degrees of effectiveness – one of the nine available powers. There are five offensive powers (which damage the tower), three defensive spells (to stimulate human worship) and an ultimate power (that can damage all the storeys in one fell swoop).

Finally, you can use the worship gauge (at the top of the screen) to fill up the power gauge at speeds that depend on how much the humans worship the God whose part you take. If they adulate the God, the gauge rises and they work more slowly. If, on the contrary, they are angry, it will drop and they will work more efficiently. If you overuse your offensive powers against human units, you will unleash their anger and they will stop you from making full use of your powers.
There are eight types of human unit in the game. Each one plays a role in building the tower. Carriers bring materials, builders build and repair, while the blacksmith makes the battering ram that gains entry into the kingdom of the Gods. The Construction Supervisors motivate their workers and their mood affects them. Good and evil priests can enter the tower to calm down or stir up crowds when the human units are too angry or happy. Defenders protect the storeys against attacks from the Gods. Finally, you have to waste no time in destroying the champion who appears once the ten storeys have been completed.

“Miracles” (trophies) and “Prophecies” (achievements) reward you for some of your action. You can check them out in your player profile.

“God VS Humans” , a game developed with Artefacts Studio, was released on December 17th 2013 in its Universal (Ipad/iPhone) and Android versions. PC and Mac versions are already available.


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