Proun+ makes its way to the new Apple TV

Engine Software, a veteran independent game developer, today pressed the release button to make Proun+ one of the first games available on the new Apple TV.

In Proun+ you race your ball over a tube like track and evade countless obstacles. With its five different speed settings – from Relaxed to Speed of Light – this game offers a great experience for both the casual as well as the hardcore gamer. Each level is accompanied by great jazzy rock tunes which were specifically written for Proun+.

Proun+ is thereby perfect for the new Apple TV. It’s going to turn the living room into one big exciting and colourful race adventure! As the new Apple TV will interact with you, it’s possible to play Proun+ like you used to, but with an even more beautiful screen and in better quality like no one has ever experienced before. It takes every aspect of the game to a whole other level.

The art race game has already been received with much acclaim and the iOS version of Proun+ scored 85 out of 100 on
Watch the Proun+ trailer here:

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