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Puzzle Catcher for iPhone and iPad

BlitWise Productions LLC, creators of Pocket Tanks, Super DX-Ball, and other retro games, announces the release of its latest title, Puzzle Catcher for iPhone and iPad. A free install with dozens of colorful levels to solve, Puzzle Catcher explores the fun of creativity and the joy of getting it just right.

Puzzle Catcher is quick to get into, with simple shapes dragged, spun, and dropped into charming puzzle fields. With seven unique shape palettes, the challenge of balancing twists, turns, and a rapidly filling tumbler of pieces against the ticking of the clock, and a different way of thinking required for each new pack, there is a depth of strategy that will keep you coming back for One More Try.

Free to install, Puzzle Catcher includes a free 15 level board pack as well as allows players to demo 3 levels each from the wide range of premium board packs. The premium board packs currently include 6 Core Packs, each also featuring 15 puzzle boards, and one Extended board pack of 30 puzzles. These can be unlocked with In-App Purchases, a la carte ($0.99 for the Core Packs and $1.99 for the Extended Super Brilliance Pack) or, for the biggest savings, by upgrading to Deluxe for $4.99. Deluxe unlocks all present and future Core Packs, and offers a permanent savings of $1 for all current and future Extended Packs.

Puzzle Catcher is perfect for a quick distraction or a longer play session. There are two play modes, Casual and Challenge. Casual Mode encourages a more laid back and creative playstyle, while Challenge Mode is fast, frenetic, and fun.

Puzzle Catcher requires iOS 8 or newer, and supports resolutions up to and including the new iPhoneX.