New PvP mode for Angry Birds Epic is going live today

The tale of the Angry Birds Epic story is expanded with a new chapter: Rovio and Chimera Entertainment release the long awaited PvP mode for their successful mobile RPG. Now millions of players can lead their bird army against their friends and foes in heroic skirmishes and climb the ladder of a new league system. Release will be today on Dec 18th for all platforms. Also upcoming: a holiday season event starting on Dec 21st, lasting for a week.

PvP is limited to a certain arena: “Terence’s ship” is docking on the south beach of Piggy Island. For the first time in the history the pigs are not the ones getting beat up – this time they are just spectators of the epic brawl. A new twist has also been added to the beloved turnbased fight system: every bird army brings their own epic banner into battle. Destroy it, to win the game – but beware of the nasty effects and tactics your opponents will come up with. The players will fight for superiority in leagues with ranks from wood to diamond. Tactical gameplay will become even more important when rising in the new league system where some cool new equipment can be looted which you can use to create your own epic banner with.

Wilhelm Taht, Head of External Products at Rovio Entertainment: “We’re very proud to announce the battle of the birds. Since the times the pigs stole the first egg the birds were focused on giving the pigs the low-down. Now as millions of eggs already have been safely returned the birds can lock horns with each other for fun. Brave birds! That’s Rovio’s and Chimera’s gift to our valued epic crowd out there. Happy holidays!”

Chris Kluckner, CEO at Chimera Entertainment: “We are so proud to finally release the Bird vs Bird mode for Angry Birds Epic. Giving people the chance to compete directly versus their friends’ bird teams is another unique step in the Angry Birds brand and the design of the first Angry Birds RPG “Epic”. Having been the creator of that progression is a giant milestone for Chimera as a developer. We cannot stop being excited about that. So now load your devices, arm your birds and let the games begin.”

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