Quest RPG Starts Pre-registration Globally! (Video)

NHN Studio629 announced today that its new in-house developed quest RPG, called Heroes Wanted, started a pre-registration promotion globally.

Heroes Wanted adopted the ‘Wanted Criminal’ concept onto the game and its players can foster their own characters by completing ‘Wanted’ quests in this ‘Quest RPG’. Well-organised storyline, mesmerizing characters and new quest-oriented fostering system are the main features.

*Quest-oriented: Players can build their own interesting gaming experiences through 10,000 different quests with various modes including Adventure, Wave and Raid.
*Rune system: How and where players equip the Runes will differentiate the ability of mercenaries.
*Strategy system: Players can use the five different element properties (Forest, Water, Fire, Dark, and Light) to maximize the attack ability.
*Grade system: There are six grades in the Mercenary Squad Grade.

Today Heroes Wanted opened a pre-registration webpage, revealing the game story, features, characters, teaser video, and various events.

Heroes Wanted will give out 20 crystals to pre-registered players. Also, through psychological test, players can find out which characters are best fit! All the rewards will be given when the game is launched.

n Title: Heroes Wanted
n OS:Android / iOS
n Pricing:Free (In App Purchase)
n Release Date: Feb 2016
n Genre: Action, RPG
n Language: Thai, English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean, Indonesian, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (supports total of 13 languages)
n Developer/Publisher: NHN Studio629