The Quest – A Rubik’s Cube inspired game re-launched for its 2nd Anniversary

From Small Beginnings…
The Quest began as a student project in 2011. It’s a puzzle game where the goal is to guide the heroic knight Steve around the Rubik’s cube-like world in order to find God’s favourite tea mug; otherwise known as the Holy Grail.

The game was initially well received as a prototype student project and praised for its innovative take on the Rubik’s cube mechanic. We took the game forward and expanded it for a full release on iOS and Android, taking place in March 2012.

Pocket Gamer praised the innovative puzzle mechanic.
“ The Quest takes a well-known concept in the form of the Rubik’s puzzle and gives it a fresh new challenge by adding in the task of getting Steve to the mug of tea. In this respect, the game is something of a triumph – few puzzlers have grabbed us in quite the same manner.”

The game was the first original IP from Guerilla Tea, winning several awards including a BAFTA nomination, and started us on this wild journey of building up the company.

Come Great Things
Fast forward 2 years and the studio has come a long way with many other projects, but we decided recently to re-visit The Quest. It was a game with huge potential, and now we have taken the chance to re-master it, adding more content and completely revamping the game’s art. The re-release is taking place on the second anniversary of the original game hitting the app stores. It’s now a fully free game and a perfect time killer ready for anyone who enjoys a puzzle on-the-go.

The Quest re-release is taking place as the first step in part of a larger release plan from Guerilla Tea this year and beyond; a series of original games which all share the common idea of stirring up some childhood nostalgia. We have a larger title called Sandbox TD currently in development, so stay on the lookout for more announcements and updates throughout the year.

A Fresh Spin
The game itself takes the mechanics of the Rubik’s Cube and adapts them into an adventure spanning 3 unique and vibrant cube worlds.
The player controls the reluctant hero and bumbling Knight, Steve, who is sent on a Holy Quest by God… To recover his favourite Tea Mug!
In order to help him on this awesome quest, you’re given the power to manipulate the environment around. Rotate sections of the cube world to allow Steve to move to the each level’s goal.

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