R2Games announces global launch of mobile card game Odyssey RPG for iOS devices.

Following the initial test phase that started on [December 10] in the select regions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where the main focus was on identifying and fixing bugs and other issues, Odyssey RPG is now ready for its English-language global debut. Published by Reality Squared Games (R2Games), Odyssey RPG is free to download for iOS devices on the App Store.

R2Games is also treading new waters with Odyssey RPG; they have already recently dipped their toes into the mobile market with the release of their first mobile game Excalibur: Knights of the King, which still falls into the company’s more familiar territory of strategy and hack-and-slash MMORPGs. Odyssey RPG, on the other hand, despite having some MMO and RPG elements of its own, is primarily a collectible card game. The publisher anticipates player response as to whether expanding into new genres would complement their growing list of titles.

Odyssey RPG is a deck-building card game drawing heavy inspiration from Greek mythology. Strategy lies primarily in the composition of decks and their formations beforehand, then watching results play out thereafter, adjusting accordingly in between battles for optimal effectiveness as the player gathers more cards and faces new challenges. With added RPG elements, such as skills and equipment for special Hero cards, Odyssey RPG offers a unique twist to the card-building game genre.

For more information, visit the official site: http://odyssey.r2games.com

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