Anuman Interactive announces the release of “Racers Islands”, a new wild racing game available on iPad under the “Microïds Games for All” label. This title will be released shortly on PC and Mac.

The six greatest pilots are about to battle in the Champions’ Tournament to decide upon the Uncontested Master of the Road. Driving the racing car, there are no holds barred to reach the finish line before the other contestants.

In the finest tradition of arcade games providing immediate fun and user-friendly control, “Racers Islands” includes solo or multiplayer battles. Up to four contestants can battle in the online mode managed by Apple’s Game Center. The mechanism is quite simple: the players first pick their vehicle/pilot duo, according to their look and attributes (acceleration, weight, speed…). They can then choose the type of competition they wish: Race, where the goal is to finish first or Arena where the players must survive by destroying opposing vehicles.

In both modes, players dispose of a default shot that reloads over time and whose missiles damage and slow down vehicles that have been hit. They will have to pick up nuts on the track to repair the damage. On the track, all contestants can also collect both offensive (bomb, bath soap…) and defensive (shield…) special bonuses. To win a few important seconds, it is vital to drive on the accelerators spread all over the circuit.

In Championship, Simple Race or Time Trial, contestants will battle on 10 different tracks and in 5 varied battle areas, guaranteeing many hours of fun. So that every player can get their share of challenge, “Racers Islands” offers 4 levels of difficulty to unlock.

In this title, players have to reach specific goals such as, for instance, “touch an opponent three times in a row with a full load missile” or “complete a race without suffering any damage” to unlock successes.

Developed by Artefacts Studio, “Racers Islands” is published by Anuman Interactive under the Microïds Games for All label. It is available since October 31, 2013 on iPad in French, English, Spanish, Italian and German. PC and Mac versions will be released shortly.

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