Re-Live the Battle for the Pacific in ‘Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers PlayStation®4 Edition’

The attack on Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of Okinawa; the Pacific Theatre of World War II contested some of the fiercest air battles ever seen. Now, prepare to take to the skies and engage in intense dog fights and daring bombing raids on aircraft carriers as Kalypso Media announce that Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers PlayStation 4 Edition will launch on 6th November across Europe and Export territories.

Available as a boxed retail edition and via the PlayStation®Store, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers lets players experience intense air combat form both sides of the war. New warplanes once revolutionized warfare — and the gripping aerial battles of the Second World War have now also found their way onto the PlayStation®4. Step into the boots of Admiral Lucas Stark (US Navy) and coordinate the defence of Pearl Harbor and the liberation of the Pacific Ocean — or win honor and glory for the Japanese empire as Admiral Hideaki Hashimoto (Imperial Japanese Army).

View the short trailer here

Features of Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers PlayStation®4 Edition
•Play two campaigns revolving around historically significant aircraft carriers — either for the US Navy or the Imperial Japanese Army.
•Step into the cockpits of 18 famous airplane types, such as the Japanese A6M “Zero” and the Aichi D3 “Val”, or the American F4F “Wildcat” or F4U “Corsair”.
•Command an entire squadron and lead your unit to victory.
•Experience the most famous battles of the Pacific War and fly missions located in Midway, Pearl Harbor, and Wake Island.
•Put your flying abilities to the test in 4 different online multiplayer modes, including aerial and aircraft carrier battle
PS4TM exclusive:
•7 new airplanes, including the ME109, Hawker Sea Hurricane, or F6F “Hellcat”
•Head tracking with Playstation®Camera
Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers PlayStation®4 Edition will be available across Europe and Export territories on 6th November for £34.99/€39.99 SRP .

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