Are You Ready for an Amazing Spiritual Mission? Webelinx Presents ”Bible Quiz 3D” For All True Believers!

Surprise for all the people who like to boast with their knowledge of religion as well as for those who would like to learn new and exciting facts about it – Webelinx has released a new game to the suit the taste of all players! Religion can be fun, and this game is here to prove it! Quiz playing has never been so amusing – besides having lots of fun, players will also acquire new important knowledge.

After having achieved a great success among the users of Android, “Bible Quiz 3D – Religious Game” is finally available for iOS users as well. The game is suitable for players of all age, especially good for teaching religion to children in a fun way!

By playing it, players will not only acquire new knowledge on religion but will also develop competitive skills. The goal of the game is to answer correctly to as many questions as possible, and to be the first of four players to travel through all the countries and visit all Catholic and Orthodox churches, and Jewish synagogues.

Race with other competitors to see who will baptize more unbelievers – a variety of witty religious questions together with rivalry will make the players forget about the time and play the quiz for hours. For each question four answers are given, and players have four attempts to guess the correct one. Besides learning facts about biblical characters, the players can acquire valuable knowledge about the history of arts. Several types of help are at the player’s disposal, as well as traps to enhance one’s progress and slow down the opponent. The player can also double the passed distance or remove one wrong answer. The players collect tokens with angel wings and use them on crossroads to take shortcuts. Many interesting achievements and integrated scale! If the player wishes so, there is a possibility of signing in with Facebook.

Webelinx, based in Nis, Serbia is a prospective company for high-quality and adequate development of applications for mobile devices, that stands behind a great number of fun lifestyle, sports and social applications. Two games, however, “New Logo Quiz” and “Geography Quiz Game 3D”, have easily found their place on the market, as well as in the hearts of numerous users, thus they deserve to be mentioned here. They rank among most popular quiz games due to very interesting questions for players of all age, and good graphics and design, which is why their number of downloads constantly grows.

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