Get ready to bust some ghosts, Ghost PangPang is out now!

eFusion GmbH, a publisher of digital entertainment content for mobile platforms, has released their latest game, Ghost PangPang.

Ghost PangPang is a mobile shooting game where the player experiences classic fairy tales with a twist: The stories have been invaded by monsters and it is up to the player to get rid of them all. The game features many special characters and the final goal is to defeat the evil bosses lurking at the end of each story.

eFusion GmbH has created a vibrant and fun spin on fairy tales. They will keep players informed regularly in regards to new updates and patches. Ghost PangPang is suitable for children of all ages. For more information, visit

– Three colorful, classic fairy tale stories brought to life
– Loads of ghouls and ghosts to fight against
– Smashing combos to destroy monsters with critical hits
– Hidden treasures in the environment
– Epic battles against nasty bosses

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