Red Riding Hood

So you think you know all about the tale of Little Red Riding Hood? Well think again! Embark on a surprising adventure based loosely on the tale by Charles Perrault! Red Riding Hood and the Werewolf have known each other for years and have since grown very close. They have even been having secret meetings in the forest! But their relationship has not gone down well with the Werewolf clan! Adamant that he must prove his worth, his family orders the Werewolf to bring back a human prey who is none other than the sweet and pretty Red Riding Hood! He refuses to obey and decides to run far away with Red Riding Hood… Use your razor-sharp senses in this thrilling and treacherous adventure to cope with tricky situations, find the objects that will save you and escape the Werewolf family’s clutches! Each place that you visit and each character that you meet will make you see the tale of Red Riding Hood in a new light! Plenty of twists await you at every turn in this fantasy tale!

• Use the Werewolf’s special sight to discover other hidden objects
• Rediscover Red Riding Hood in an adventure with an original storyline
• Several challenges, including hidden objects, puzzles and riddles
• An engrossing soundtrack
• A nail-biting adventure big on humor

System Requirements:•Supported OS: [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP]
•Processor: 2 GHz
•RAM: 2048 Mo
•Hard Disk: 1 Go
•Video Card: DirectX 9.0c

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