Microïds Games for All announces the release of ” Hidden Files – Echoes of JFK ” , a new investigation and hidden object game dealing with one of the greatest conspiracies of the 20th century, on iOS and Android, and soon PC and Mac.

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s death.

In 2017, all the archives of the investigation will be revealed to the public. Still today, the doubts about who is behind it, the motivations and the perpetrators, remain complete. The magic bullet remains a mystery!

In ” Hidden Files – Echoes of JFK “, the player investigates on a case parallel to the president’s murder. As special agent Jane Sully, the player is sent by the FBI’s boss to resolve the mystery around the death of journalist Jack Olsen who was himself investigating on JFK’s case.

In this interactive investigation, phases of research of hidden objects follow on with puzzles and mini-games in order to progress and eventually solve the case. The player moves freely in different areas. His sense of observation, exploration and deduction are required all through the adventure to discover clues in the mysterious murder. Computer hacking, shooting sequences or print recognition are among the numerous actions to be carried out to progress in the investigation. It is possible to pass them, though, after a certain time if the player wants to.

Thanks to the new interface, it is possible to check at any time the inventory where all the collected objects are listed and to get some help (reminder of the objectives or clues during the scenes of hidden objects). For the fans of history and plots, 50 pieces of info or facts about the JFK case are spread and can be collected all along the adventure.

“Hidden Files – Echoes of JFK ” also includes the traditional adventure game features such as the use of objects from the inventory on the scenery. For instance, the player will have to compare the tire traces with the ones previously found to confirm they both match.

The Microïds Games for All title invites the player to dive into one of the mysteries that has been fascinating the collective unconscious for several generations.

“Hidden Files – Echoes of JFK” is available since December 18, 2013 on iOS, Android and PC and soon on Mac in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

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