Retro Army unleashes Medal WarsTM : Keisers Revenge to unsuspecting public

Retro Army is proud to announce Medal Wars™ : Keisers Revenge is now available on PC. Medal Wars™ : Keisers Revenge is a cartoon Action-Rpg set in the chaos of World War 1. Enter a world of epic battles as one man overcomes his fate to become the greatest soldier ever! (In his mind anyway) Featuring crazy humour combined with fast-paced action, Medal Wars is like nothing you’ve played before. But maybe that’s a good thing!

Prepare yourself for Medal Wars!

Game Features:
– Perform headshots and footshots with the unique targetting system.
– Four huge open areas to explore.
– Sixteen challenging missions to cut your teeth on.
– Hours and hours of gameplay.
– Easy to pick-up and play.
– Quick to download and install, DRM free.

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