Roll to Victory in Orborun!

Tiny Lab Productions and game developer/publisher Bulky Pix present the fast-action skill game Orborun – rolling into the App Store and Google Play on September 19!

Orborun is a 3D “run & roll” game where you play as an Orbot navigating a hazardous world. The catch? You can transform into a ball and go on a roll whenever the going gets tough! Your mission is simple: choose your path, nail chain jumps and tricks, and finish the track safely. The difficulty steadily increases, from easy rides to fast jumps, quick direction changes and awesome, map-spanning stunts. Orborun is in full 3D, so be wary of your surroundings – a backwards jump might make the difference between life and death!

Against a futuristic backdrop, conquer 90+ levels divided into three exotic game worlds: “Haste”, “Puzzle” and “Hazard”. Finish each level as fast and as flawlessly as possible to unlock exciting bonus levels!

Try not to roll in the deep with Orborun!

•90+ challenging levels split into three exciting game worlds
•Roll through a 100% 3D environment
•Each race contains multiple paths to victory
•Unlock unique Orbots with special abilities
•Collect coins and buy cool skins for your Orbot

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