Samurai Riot, the 2D co-op Beat’em Up developed by the French indie Studio Wako Factory, launches its campaign on Steam Greenlight.

Wako Factory, Indie studio from Nantes announces the launch of its Steam Greenlight campaign for its first videogame: Samurai Riot. Follow the adventures of Sukane and Tsurumaru in this entirely hand-painted 2D co-op Beat’em up!

Who hasn’t ever dreamed to relive the intensity and conviviality of old school Beat’em Up, with an up-to-date feel? Take note, nostalgic enthusiasts and fellow gamers: Samurai Riot is on its way! Previously released on Square Enix Collective and Steam Concept, Wako Factory is launching today its first Steam Greenlight campaign.

Take on the role of Sukane or Tsurumaru and set off on an adventure in a hand-painted 2D universe that opposes tradition and modernity. Fight against huge Sumo wrestlers with law enforcement shields, or with trigger-happy enemies, or even against creatures straight out of Japanese mythology! Samurai Riot offers a multi-branching scenario with progressive levels of difficulty, which on top of its noticeable replay value adds a truly immersive experience within the world and the stories of both characters.

Choose to co-op and follow the same path as your partner, or choose to disagree and battle it out during a PvP fight. Any decision you make will greatly impact your story, which can lead to 8 alternative endings.

Enter the civil war by playing an enigmatic Ninja, or an honourable Samurai, and make your own decisions in order to resolve the unstable political situation, surrounded by stunning 2D hand-painted landscapes. Adopt the airy gameplay of the energetic Sukane, helped by her little fox Azu, or pick the robust gameplay of the formidable Tsurumaru armed with its sharpened katana, to knock all of your enemies to the ground. The game is also playable in solo, for those who would like to take on this adventure alone!

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Samurai Riot is a 2D cooperative Beat’em up Arcade game with a twist! Playing as Sukane or Tsurumaru, two charismatic warriors torn between their duty and beliefs, follow your own way of honor through multiple scenarios and story endings!

• 2D Arcade gameplay
• A unique cooperative system with devastating combined attacks
• Multi-branching storyline leading to 8 different endings
• Strong replay value: change your gameplay by choosing between various fighting schools
• Charismatic heroes with strong personalities and an arsenal of deadly attacks at their disposal
• A mix of traditional and futuristic influences for characters, art & music
• Speed-run friendly

Our objective is to bring back the greatness of Beat’em up arcade games (such as Street of Rage, Double Dragon, etc.) with 2D HD traditional arts and animations adding multi-scenario possibilities leading to multi-endings!

A unique cooperative system!
• Clever co-op gameplay is rewarded thanks to an evaluation system
• Fill your co-op gauge and release a devastating combined attack

The story is yours, and only yours!
• Multiple scenarios leading to 8 story endings: the branching gameplay system never interferes with the game action.
• Deep moral choices: you are prompted to take quick, clear but crucial decisions, greatly impacting your destiny.
• In the co-op mode, the story involves both players equally: you either make team-based choices or you enter a PVP fight against your partner to win the lead

Combos, grabs, special attacks, furies… you’ll get it all!
• Characters: discover two strong and highly skilled heroes offering unique gameplay and stunning attacks, plus a bunch of vicious enemies to fight against.
• Controls: to remain true to arcade games history, we created very intuitive controls, enjoyable with any Controller or Arcade stick. We want the gameplay to be completely flexible, so it feels exactly like what you want it to be!
• Game Levels: be ready to explore many levels providing both a rich gameplay and a significant playtime.
• Fighting schools feature: the more you play, the more you accumulate points to unlock new fighting schools for better replay value. Characters will get specific abilities and will be granted some exclusive color patterns.

Speed-runners: on your marks, set, go!
Find all the tools you need for a perfect speed-run (time ranking, score ranking…)!

Your mission…
You’ve been hired to bring an end to the Civil War. Knowing that the outcome of the conflict depends on your own choices, will you choose to honor your duty, or will you choose to fight for your beliefs?
As one of the many forces to fight in the Civil War you incarnate either Sukane, the enigmatic Ninja hired under obscure circumstances, or Tsurumaru, the honorable Samurai always eager to demonstrate his sword-fighting techniques and his loyalty to the Great Master.