“Sasquatch” is Real and He’s on iOS Today

Robots and Pencils, developers of hit games like “Catch The Princess” and “Spy vs Spy,” announced today that their latest release, “Sasquatch”, is now available for iOS devices. “Sasquatch” is a location-hunting photo game named for the legendary creature where players snap pictures of their locations, and then challenge friends or fellow Sasquatchers around the world to guess their location.

The game also features a casual gameplay style utilizing a turn by turn approach, promising a traditional quick reflex game mode in the future. Sasquatch aids players with a number of perks, making guesses a little less tricky.The game also integrates with Facebook to instantly make connections and is also playable with an email address.

Other “Sasquatch” features include:
• Easy to use photo tracking interface
• Lovable Sasquatch perks and unlocks
• Worldwide domination: Play with your friends or total strangers
• Casual play, turn-by-turn game modes
• Hunt for friends and make new ones
• Compete using Facebook or email address

Friend tracking tools include the Savage Sonar (helps pin down their location), the Ranger Randomizer (fires pins into the game board to get your guesses moving in the right direction), the Scrappy Scrambler (wreak havoc on their heat gauge), the Cave Dwelling Coin Doubler (earn in-game coins even faster), and the Elusive Lottery Wheel (take a chance and win big!).

Sasquatch - Robots and Pencils Inc.

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