Sender Unknown: The Woods on iOS

Daily Magic Productions is pleased to announce their collaboration with famed author Lisa Brunette to release their new game, “Sender Unknown: The Woods”, for the global iOS market.

Through a text message, fate connects you with a total stranger. Now you are Morgan’s only hope to survive. Will you serve as a lifeline or return to your own life and let a stranger’s fate remain unknown?

Four friends, stalked by a madman, are lost deep in the Ozarks. Help them solve intricate puzzles, make difficult choices, repair their relationships and, hopefully, save each other’s lives.

Through text messages and images, you can guide them away from harrowing danger and uncover a shocking mystery. Your choices will determine who loves, who lives, and who dies.

How much will you put on the line for a Sender Unknown?

Points of Interest
·         Total Immersion — A new twist on the ‘choose your own adventure’ genre allows players to become the hero in real time. Every choice you make will determine your stats, character relationships, and how the story unfolds.
·         Brilliant Story – Lisa Brunette, author of the popular “Dream Slippers” book series, provides her unique narrative vision and writing to craft a pulse-pounding mystery. With Sender Unknown: The Woods, Lisa’s one of a kind talent gives players a down to earth and immersive adventure like no other.