Shadow Puppeteer – The Story of a Boy and His Shadow

Coming on September 29th!
Fresh indie game developer Sarepta Studio is proud to present the trailer and latest screenshots of Shadow Puppeteer, a co-op adventure for PC that combines platforming with puzzle-solving in a play of light and shadow.

Shadow Puppeteer is the debut project of Sarepta Studio, and was funded by the Nordic Game Program, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Film Institute. Having been Greenlit back in May 2014, Shadow Puppeteer will be released on September 29th for Steam, Glyph and Humble Store.

The game is designed as a local co-op adventure in which two players need to work together to get past the many puzzles they encounter on their journey. Having a truly Nordic yet original art style, Shadow Puppeteer tells the story of a boy and his shadow.

The boy is one of the many people that have been separated from their shadows by the mischievous Shadow Puppeteer. Luckily though, his shadow managed to escape the Puppeteer’s clutches and is now able to help the boy out in chasing the villain and saving all the shadows he’s stolen.

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