Shogi Monsters now available

Azerbo, is proud to announce the release of Shogi Monsters, a free collectible card and strategy board game available on the App Store and Google Play.

Shogi Monsters uses collectible cards as pieces to be placed on a game board. With similarities to chess, the game focuses on positioning and strategy. The challenge of the game is to outwit your opponent by turning over his cards and protecting yours from his attacks.
Exploit your opponent’s weaknesses and use the board’s configuration to your advantage to make combos and turn multiple cards at once!

Discover the world of Telaria through the eyes of Leo, an apprentice at the Shogi Academy whose aim is to become the greatest summoner of the realm. Meet colorful characters and fight beside them against the new menace that threatens the safety of Telaria!

Level up your cards and gain access to more than 250 shogi monsters to use in battles! Evolve or combine them to obtain stronger creatures and powerful hybrids!
Advance through the game and obtain rare and legendary creatures! Only the best summoners can handle them!

Play against your friends in real time multiplayer and show them who the best player around is!

The Shogi Monsters are waiting for you in Telaria. Are you ready to join them?

Detailed features:
· Strategic and original gameplay – Place your cards on the game board and use strategic positioning to beat your opponents!
· Discover the world of Telaria – Follow the story of Leo and his friends in 12 challenging single player missions.
· Collect shogi monsters, evolve or combine them – Some will be cute, powerful or just plain ugly, but they will all stand beside you in battle!
· Real-time multiplayer – Challenge your friends online or face new people in a complete multiplayer experience.
· More than 40 achievements – Show your friends how it’s done by completing the game’s achievements!

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