Shoot Down Rogue Agents Inside a Computer Simulation in Voxel Blast

Voxel Blast launches today on Steam! Developed by Costa Rica’s Ceiba Software & Arts, Voxel Blast’s flat-shaded visuals, intricate enemies, and thumping electronic soundtrack are a feast for the senses.

Your mission is simple: Enter the simulation and stop autonomous, rogue agents from wreaking havoc on an otherwise peaceful system. Choose between the Taurus, Orion, or Aries ships (each equipped with unique weapons and abilities), and dive deep into cyberspace – leaving a trail of neon particles in your wake.

Enemies in Voxel Blast are always evolving – leading to some truly epic boss battles. Being able to quickly evaluate (and adapt!) is critical if you want to survive for more than a few minutes. For example, taking on a small group of snake-like creatures can quickly spiral out of control when they combine their powers into menacing monstrosities hell bent on taking you down.

Survival Mode takes enemy evolutions to its expected outcome. You have less time to get used to the enemies’ simpler design. Before long, you’ll be fighting complex beasts capable of ripping your ship apart in a few seconds . . . even if it means their own demise. The game also includes three other modes: Arcade (aka Story Mode), Challenge, and Multiplayer.

“When we started production on Voxel Blast, we asked ourselves: ‘How would the enemies behave if they could work together? The answer was simple: They would evolve,” says Rodolfo Mora Zamora, president of Ceiba Software & Arts. “Voxel Blast is survival of the fittest. In nature, you evolve to survive – so it only makes sense that the creatures in our game would do the same.”

Key Features
l Three well-balanced ships with different features and weapons:
 Taurus: H.E.A.T. Cannon and Tracer Missiles
 Orion: Plasma Cannon and Particle Torpedoes
 Aries: Twin Miniguns and M.I.R.V. Missiles
l Four game modes to choose from:
 Challenge (hone your navigation skills)
 Survival (endless combat)
 Arcade (action and story)
 Multiplayer (enjoy exploding your friends into voxels)
l Space combat based on skill rather than pattern memorization
l More ships to unlock with custom weapons and different strategies
l Unique gameplay: Arcade shooter meets dogfighting
l Flat-shaded art style based on abstract sculptures and futurist art
l Gripping electronic score
l Gamepad support: Control layouts for flight sticks, Xbox controllers, keyboard-mouse, and full player customization

Pricing & Availability
Voxel Blast is now available on Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux). While retailing for $11.99, the developer is celebrating the launch with a 20% discount, bringing the price down to $9.59. The discount will be valid for the first 7 days of launch.

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