Sin Manager: Managing access to eternal peace is not at all peaceful!

AMA is pleased to present Sin Manager, the original time management game about the seven deadly sins!
The game developed by Mando studios is available at the price of $0.99 on the App Store! Your prayers have been answered!

Souls are flocking in great numbers to St. Peter’s pearly gates and all of them have committed their own set of sins!
Cleanse their souls of sin in one of the seven purgatories and gain them access to paradise.

But beware! This is no job for a choir boy!
The souls just keep on coming and each has committed more sins than the last!
If you fail, it’s a one way ticket to eternal damnation!

Every soul that you save increases your power gauge!
Once the gauge is full, turn the key to paradise and absolve all the souls.
But watch out for the Divine Wrath that may strike at any time!

Reveal your successes as guardian of Paradise to both the world and the Hereafter via the app’s social functionality!

The hour of judgement has come!

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