Sniper Rust 3D, Zatun’s sharpshooting franchise on Android and iOS

Sniper 3D Rust is the next instalment in Gujarat, India based Zatun Games Studio’s sharpshooting franchise that also constitutes the Oculus Rift-compatible Sniper Rust VR.

Players must prove themselves capable marksmen/zombie-hunters in conquest of the Ports, Airfields and Wilderness with either of the AS-369, AV.90, J49, RVS and Minigun.

Successfully chaining headshots, beating the clock and courageously withstanding zombie hordes merit in-game currency, while in-app purchases further allow for a mix of discounted, weapon and ammo packs to up the ante.

Also planned are up to four additional chapters, increasingly complex campaign objectives, comprehensive strategies such as Air Strikes and WWII-era weaponry as subsequent updates.

Featuring real-world 3D environments, adaptive A.I and multiple objectives spread across –

  • A Single-Player Campaign of three chapters and unique locales paying homage to classic first-person shooters,
  • A 15-Wave Zombie Survival Mode for all-out RVS/Minigun-fueled warfare,

Install the game via either of the Apple App or Google Play Stores today and earn up to 2,500 in-game coins to give your mercenary careers a boost.