Soda Drinker Pro – FPS (First Person Soda) – Perfectly Simulates the Act of Drinking Soda

Soda Drinker Pro is the leader in the (FPS) First Person Soda genre, drenching the player in a bubbly keg of soda goodness.

Think back to the days when virtual reality only existed in the Lawnmower Man.
If you wanted to experience an alternative reality you had to strap a pair of heavy goggles to your head just so you could play ping pong with a robot.

Those times have changed. You can now experience what you really want in your simulated experiences.

The act…

of drinking soda.

Soda Drinker Pro mixes the accuracy of Microsoft Flight Simulator with the soda of soda, leaving the player no longer thirsty and trapped in a beautiful world where they can experience every aspect of soda.

Tightly engineered controls allow the player to decide when to bring the soda cup to mouth, and when to sip.

Soda Drinker Pro even gives the player the much-anticipated ability to walk to the top of a hill and drink a soda at whatever speed they wish.
Anything is possible in soda drinker pro, and soda is possible.

Recent Press:

“If only there was a way to sip a refreshing cup of soda at the beach, in a park or in space without all the risk. Now you can, with Soda Drinker Pro, an exciting indie game poised to take the FPS (First-Person Soda) genre by storm.” Read Full Article Here

“It Will Probably Change Your Life” – Read Full Article Here
-Complex Magazine

“Soda Drinker Pro is the most advanced soda drinking simulator ever created” Read Full Article Here

Thank you for making this, this is just perfect! – Read Full Article Here

You Need Soda Drinker Pro in Your Life! Read Full Article Here
-Indie Statik
“The true genius of this game lies in its plot. Finally something that isn’t absurd, but rather a story we can all relate to. The main character was extremely like-able. I have not been this attached to a character that doesn’t even talk since Portal. Simply amazing. 5/5. game of the mother F$@K#n year!” Read Full Post Here


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