Solitaire Reinvented for iPhone and Life Now Available on the App Store

Today, independent developer Zach Gage, creator of the hit game SpellTower, and co-developer of the Apple Design Award winner Ridiculous Fishing, released Sage Solitaire, a brand new solitaire variant that combines the luck and joy of Klondike Solitaire with the depth of Poker, made specifically for mobile phones.

Solitaire is one of, if not the most successful games and computer games of all time. The problem is most popular variants of Solitaire are not really optimized for play on phones, and in-fact, as designed, are not even great games. Sage Solitaire is a modern solitaire game, that fixes the biggest problems of solitaire, and the result is a great game for everyone with a phone.

Sage Solitaire Facts:
•Sage Solitaire is now free-to-download from the iTunes App Store worldwide.
•A one-time $2.99 in-app purchase unlocks additional game modes, and customization features.

Interesting Solitaire Facts:
•While the titles of Solitaire and Patience, and the myth of Napoleon playing solitaire while incarcerated all point to possible French origin, most experts place the birth of solitaire in the Baltics, Germany, and/or Scandinavia.
•The earliest mention of solitaire in print is 1746, but the more well-known card game variants arise more toward the later part of the century. The oldest known book referring to Patience was published in Moscow in 1826.
•In Dutch and Norwegian the word for solitaire refers to “Kabal” loosely translated as “secret knowledge” and may relate to some relationship certain solitaire games had to fortune telling.
•Wikipedia lists over 300 versions of Solitaire/Patience on its Web site. Variants of these games are said to reach into the thousands – nearly all of which were never invented specifically for play on mobile phones.

Solitaire and Computers:
•Microsoft is reported to have included solitaire in Windows to socialize the new mouse-style input required to operate a graphical user interface. The game was originally programmed by an intern, Wes Cherry, and the card-side artwork was from Susan Kare, who designed the original Macintosh’s icons, while Cherry’s girlfriend at the time helped design some of the infamous card backs.
•Microsoft Solitaire celebrated its 25th Anniversary in May of 2015. Ms. Kare recently released a physical card deck featuring her original artwork from the first version of Microsoft Solitaire.

* Freecell Solitaire, the second most well-known variant today, was itself a variant of older solitaire games created by then 10-year-old Paul Alfille who then programmed a version for the legendary computer network PLATO where it began its ascendance in popularity on computer systems and networks.

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