Somethin’s Cookin’ In The Butterlicious Kitchen Of Trigger Happy Games

Independent games developer ‘Trigger Happy Games’ is thrilled to announce the worldwide release of ‘Pop Royale: Ready, Set, POP!’ to the Google Play™ app store. Previously available exclusively on iOS®, this highly addictive fast-paced action game offers endless hours of corn-popping fun with its original gameplay and innovative concept.

‘Pop Royale: Ready, Set, POP!’ is the perfect blend between the swipe-based success of Fruit Ninja and the excitement of a Las Vegas slot machine. The idea is simple and addictive. You collect coins by creating combos from unpopped corn kernels with a mid-air swipe and buttering the popped kernels before they land in the bowl. But watch out for the burnt kernels, they’ll set you back a few points! Your coins are redeemed for super fun power-ups like “Fat Finger” where your finger swipe area becomes twice as big, a “Coin Gun” which transforms burnt kernels to coins, and the uber exciting “Frenzy” where the screen fills with popcorn kernels and you swipe like crazy to pop as many as you can in 10 seconds!

Key Features:
* Swipe the kernels to make them pop.
* Connect multiple kernels to make a popcorn combo.
* Collect coins and use them to spin for a power-up.
* Tap the popped corn to splash some butter on it.
* Shake the bag for additional points.
* Get rated at the end of the game for bonus points.

Includes tons of power-ups such as Frenzy, Double the points, Fat Finger, Coin Gun, Pop Detonator, and Extra time in the Microwave!

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