Soul Axiom Early Access continues! Find out what we have in-store for 2015!

Soul Axiom New Year Update

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Has it really been three months since the release of Soul Axiom on Steam Early Access? The game has been through a lot since then including huge updates on a weekly/fortnightly basis which have often included a good mix of brand new content, bug fixes and general improvements to areas suggested by the community.

The Soul Axiom community have responded well to the updates and continues to help shape the game to the best it can be. We would like to thank everyone for that and to promise you all we will continue to do our best with the development of the game.

Here’s just some of our targets for the second half the Early Access development:
1.We encourage the players to contribute to the development and we promise to continue listening to their ideas and suggestions not just for technical aspects of the game but for the story and the general flow also.
2.We will endeavour to update the game with new content that will be completely playable with no major game breaking bugs. If we encounter anything like this, we will release a minor update shortly after with a fix.
3.Continue to include 2-4 hours of exploration, investigation and puzzle solving game-play into each chapter of the game.
4.We will finish the Early Access development in spring 2015 and we will be releasing the game on consoles in 2015. More details on the console releases will be coming soon.

Here’s an overview of just some of our Soul Axiom update announcements. You can find a more detailed version here:

Chapter Two Update: The Museum & More

· This update consists of brand new content to get your hands on as well as a few minor bug fixes throughout the game. So, what’s new in the world of Elysia?

· A brand new level has been unlocked! The Museum contains a diverse range of areas which will further challenge your puzzle-solving skills. Use your new powers to Phase and Play your way through Shadows of Mexico, Dino Jungle, The World of Tomorrow, Sand & Blood: Ancient Egypt and Sharky’s World of Sharks!

· Discover art, natural history and marine life as you explore around dinosaurs, whales, sharks, robots, hoverboards, hieroglyphics, sarcophagi, ancient skulls and even… Piñatas!

· More of those delightful monkeys (PEMO’s) to deliver the info you need to piece together the story. Have you found them all? There may be more than you think so explore each level… including the HUB!

· CUTSCENES! Every level will now contain a cutscene at the end. What do they mean? That’s for you to find out.

· A new atmospheric sound track has been added to the HUB. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Chapter Two Update: The Beach, Badges & More ‏

· This update is packed full of content! We have a brand new level, new Steam rewards, new music, more monkeys and more bug fixes. Want to find out more? Keep reading…

· Shiver me timbers, another level has been unlocked! The Beach contains a beautiful atmospheric environment with a vast amount of areas explore including the lighthouse, the boathouse, hidden caves, the shipwreck, the open waters and of course… the buried treasure chests, ARGH!

· Piece together the clues that are given to find your way to the secret cave. WARNING… No swimming allowed. You have been warned.

· HURRAH! We have now added an in-game pause menu for quick access to your most used settings. Switch between “Toggle” or “Hold” to Crouch, turn your Crosshair On/Off, Adjust your Quality, Brightness, Contrast, Audio and loads more options!

· NEW Trading Cards, Badges & Backgrounds – Collect and trade some of your favourite Soul Axiom cards from the Last Chance Saloon to the rad Hoverbike. Craft cards to earn your Soul Badge!

· Added a new Monkey Statue (PEMO) to The Museum level to deliver the info you need to piece together the story. Can you find the latest addition to the Museum?

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