Sounds can be extremely scary!

Pocket Scientists is very proud to change the world of jokes with noise-scaring ability: sometimes no pictures are necessary to frighten a person. Some really harsh voices can be equally frightening. Our new application is about that.

Adult people likes to make jokes with each other. Some of those jokes are considered “broad” or “crude” as they can confuse and scare people in a very high level.

– Different settings, as in horror books
– Decoys for obtaining the attention of the “victim”
– Extremely Scary
– Unforgettable Experience

Warning: application is able to disturb people with several health conditions! Consult your Physician or doctor before use it on people of those health conditions.

Jokes – Frighening Noises is free and it has 3 in application purchasable expansions. Haunted Mansion Pack gives you the voices of an old, abandoned, ghost hunted building. Neighbourhood Pack is setting you up with the noises your nightmareish neighbours. Wild Animals Pack give you the sensation of the sounds of a meeting with some really wild animals.

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Jokes - Frightening Noises - Pocket Scientists

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