All Star Quarterback’s biggest update ever! Out now on the App Store

RPG-inspired football sim adds brand new game engine.

Full Fat, the independent studio behind NFL Kicker, Flick Golf, & Flick Soccer, is delighted to announce the biggest, most awesome All Star Quarterback update ever!

All Star QB first launched in September 2014 as a detailed 2D football simulation, but thanks to the great response from hardcore football fans, version 2.0 delivers an all-new 3D experience.

Players can now enjoy seamless transitions from the 2D sim to full 3D Quarterback gameplay, with no loading! When your QB has possession, zoom into 3D mode to influence the action directly by choosing plays and making authentic passes in real-time. Run the show.

Do more than compete on game day. Inspired by RPGs and sports management games, buff your attributes in the gym, gain items that provide perks & boosts, unlock sponsors & missions, and expand your playbook in practice sessions.

As well as the new 3D gameplay, version 2.0 also adds more training techniques and new lifestyle events, including a Casino to give budding QBs the chance to win big and spend their jackpot on new upgrades.

Every player, new & returning, will be offered a bonus pack of perks & boosts for a limited time to celebrate the launch of this huge update.

All Star Quarterback version 2.0 is out now on the App Store & is coming soon to Google Play. It is free to download.

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