STARDUST VANGUARDS – 4-Player Mecha Duels Come to the PS4 January 19th! (Video)

Grab your friends and bust out the controllers, STARDUST VANGUARDS brings local four-player dueling to the PS4 on January 19th, 2016!
Each player takes the role of a military commander in space piloting a precision combat robot with a powerful energy sword and a very limited use auto-aiming machine gun. As you kill off your rivals you’ll earn “RP” (“reinforcement points”) which you’ll charge up and use to summon computer-controlled reinforcements to fight alongside you. The more RP you have, the bigger and badder your NPC army will be once you summon them! The game is deceptively strategic in higher levels of play where players choose to take more of a direct combat approach or to hang back and let your NPCs do most of the work for you. Of course, you can always just use your forces as a makeshift shield to retreat behind, and since you die in one hit, that might not be a bad idea when things go south.

The game also features a random event system that will interrupt battles to introduce an entirely separate faction of NPC space pirates. The pirates will launch dozens of potential attack scenarios to change the landscape of the fight including ambushes, full-on capital ship blitzkriegs, passing transport convoys, formidable mercenary attacks, and more. How will you adapt: should you briefly cooperate with your rivals or will you use the chaos to score a quick kill? Just make sure to finish off the pirates eventually because they can win the battle too, just like the players can! STARDUST VANGUARDS brings a fresh take on free-for-all multiplayer, combining the intensity of intimate duels with the thrill of weaving through a crowded battlefield full of ships and bullets to engage your prized rivals. The game will launch next Tuesday on the PS4 for $9.99.

The game is an entirely local multiplayer affair and includes modes like deathmatch, king of the hill, team matches, and space ball (soccer-style capture the flag). There’s also a custom deathmatch mode to perfectly tailor your own custom battles with settings for RP growth rate, infinite ammo, random events rate, and plenty of other options.