Starlite Astronaut Academy: Alpha Test Blasts Off!

The developers of Starlite Astronaut Academy have announced they will begin closed Alpha testing in the coming weeks. The game will present a version of life on Mars and throughout the solar system based on NASA designs and plans for the future.

Sign-ups for testing are available at

Starlite Astronaut Academy is a space exploration and construction game that allows players to build habitats and spacecraft, acquire gear and explore the solar system.

The game has a sandbox focus and multiplayer building action for casual play, modding and trading elements for social play, and science missions you can complete and share with friends.

Officially developed in conjunction with NASA, Starlite Astronaut Academy will appeal to Minecraft players, space/simulation enthusiasts, future astronauts, and casual, social game players with an inkling of the right stuff and a taste for the unknown. Starlite Astronaut Academy will be available for Windows, Mac and iPad in 2015.

The game has received assistance from The Canada Media Fund and the University of California Irvine, who in turn brought the Bill and Melinda Gates and MacArthur Foundations to back the effort in making the scientific achievements meaningful while playing.

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Watch our in-house alpha tester starDawners at

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